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Hi! I’m Connie, and I'm a speaker, bestselling author, media personality and program founder (not all at once, and not without chocolate...). But at the core most days I’m a keeping-it-real mother of seven. #thegoodthebadtheugly

I love God, spending time with my kids (not after 9), learning and creating fabulous life hacks, and indulging in decadent treats. 

With all of it, I help women and families live purposeful, organized, and joyful lives. Whether it's teaching core habits, getting meaningful work/life balance, or how to become an influential writer, speaker, and media personality, I live the life I love.

My greatest joy--next to my family--is to help you fulfill your purpose.

If you've got the desire, I've got the tools.

Let’s do this!

Available Products

Mini Life Plan

I'm so excited to offer this FREE Mini Life Plan to help you define your purpose and live a more purposeful, organized, and joyful life!

Become Your Sure Self Webinar

Ready to stop existing from day to day, and get back to BECOMING? 

Join me in this webinar where I will share my TOTALLY UNEXPECTED journey over the past four months to better becoming. 

Take the Joy Challenge

Get a Joy Boost with 10 days of Joy right to your email inbox to help you bounce back and keep moving forward.


3 Mini Course Bundle

These mini courses are SIMPLE, FAST, AND GET RESULTS. They're online and done in a week. Perfect for busy women like you to watch, apply, and get results for more purpose, organization, and joy!

Find Your Purpose

Get clear about who you are and what you are to do in this bite-size, step-by-step course.

Feel Fit and Fabulous

The fabulous news is that you CAN feel healthy, happy, and fit.

Using the principles in this course, many women have done just that. They have lost emotional triggers, gained control of their choices, and experienced an awakening of appreciation for their bodies.

Get Organized! Tools to Organize Your Time

You have extra time in your life, right now. These golden time chunks are just waiting to be discovered.

Disciple Thought Leaders Retreat

As covenant women, we CAN and NEED to make a difference in our families, our communities, and our world.

If you're feeling the call to be and do more, then this could be the opportunity you're seeking. 

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