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3 Mini Course Bundle

Are you feeling a shift?

Do you want to...

  • lose weight
  • get organized
  • find your purpose

And do it without gimmicks, hyped promises, and complicated steps?

And for 50% off?

Yep, you got it.

I don't have time or energy to mess around either. I'm a mom of seven, a business owner, and I need my sleep...

For over 20 years, I have taught women how to be happier, lose weight, improve their body image, organize their time, define their purpose and fulfill it.

You can too. 

Yes, you.

I've condensed the simple-but-so-good principles and life hacks into three fun-and-fast-results Mini Courses to get you started.


  • Define who you are and what YOU'RE to do at this stage of life.
  • Workbook and videos take you step-by-step to find your Sweet Spot.
  • Feel the daily fulfillment and joy of putting time and energy to what matters most.


  • Shift your body image to appreciate and work WITH your body for great results.
  • Video modules to help you learn to lose emotional triggers.
  • Discover "The Click" principle and why you need it to start and sustain true weight loss.


  • Video modules help you Find Your Why and its #1 impact on successful time management.
  • Learn how to find "golden time" -- chunks of free time right now (oh, yes. . .).
  • Feel the JOY of a successful day with both structure AND spontaneity.

"Connie teaches to make goals based on purpose instead of 'Oh, that sounds good, I'll do that' or making goals you think you SHOULD have. Everything is individually based, so it's tailored to you by you...I know without a doubt what my purpose is - stopped 2nd guessing. Lost 6 lbs. Positive boundaries set and more time to relax and enjoy." ~Aine


These mini courses are SIMPLE, FAST, AND GET RESULTS. They're online and done in a week. Perfect for busy women like you to watch, apply, and get results for more purpose, organization, and joy!

Save 50% right now!

Regularly $97 each -- GET ALL 3 MINI COURSES FOR ONLY $147!

Buy now. Start when you like. All for 50% off.

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