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Feel Fit and Fabulous

The fabulous news is that you CAN feel healthy, happy, and fit.

Hi, I'm Connie!

Years ago, I needed a big change. After having four children in six years, I had reached my limit spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Tired of feeling overwhelmed -- and like a bloated walrus -- I took charge of my life.

You can, too!

By using a spiritual approach to temporal problems, I found "great treasures of hidden knowledge." I eliminated nasty emotional food triggers -- ultimately losing twenty-five pounds and four sizes.

About This Course

Using the principles of balance, moderation, and wisdom, in this mini-course, you will

  • Learn how to lose emotional triggers,
  • Learn how you can gain control of your choices and experience an awakening of appreciation for your body, and
  • Learn real tips and habits for living a healthy lifestyle and lose weight.

Included in this course

4 Video Modules by Connie including...

  • Align Body and Soul (learn to love the body you're in)

3 Pillars of Fit & Fabulous

  • Eat (learn healthy eating habits you can love)
  • Exercise (how to choose the best exercise for you)
  • Energize (top tips for having lasting energy)

Bonus Downloads including...

  • Weekly Goal Sheet
  • Fit and Fabulous Quick Start Guide
  • 10 Ways to Look Great without Losing Weight
  • Healthy Habits Tracker
  • TV segments, podcasts, and more!

"Connie teaches to make goals based on purpose instead of 'Oh, that sounds good, I'll do that' or making goals you think you SHOULD have. Everything is individually based, so it's tailored to you by you...

"I know without a doubt what my purpose is - stopped 2nd guessing. Lost 6 lbs. Positive boundaries set and more time to relax and enjoy." ~Aine

“I’m using these principles and have lost 10 pounds plus a bunch of inches. I want to lose more but at least I have a plan/vision now. Thank you!” -Misti Robinson

You CAN feel healthy, happy, and fit.

I can show you how.

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7 Modules

Align Body and Soul

The fabulous news is that you CAN feel healthy, happy, and fit.


Learn the Basic 12 of healthy eating.


Learn how to make Exercise F.U.N.


Learn simple habits to energize your daily routine.

Bonus Resources

Want more? Enjoy these bonus resources!

The Compound Effect

Unlock this module by completing the other modules to maximize your efforts!


Take the Next Step

Share your success and learn what's next for you!

Modules for this product 7
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